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Meeting and Election Services

Does your community face the never ending challenge of running the perfect annual meeting or the perfect election? By all accounts, Board’s need help organizing and preparing an agenda that addresses the not only the key topics, and plans, but one that delivers a successful outcome.  Elections typically take over 45 days to plan and execute.

Your DNI community manager will meet with you to plan the desired meeting objectives, organize the agenda, prepare complete election duties, and attend your meeting on schedule. DNI offers fee based election management services for both professionally managed or self managed communities.

Communities may request hourly services for both special meetings, election planning, and additional staff resources to ensure that your meeting runs smoothly.  Communities that select full services management with DNI will receive election services within the scope of their management agreement.  Either way, we have you covered.

DNI has a professionally trained staff that will:

  • Prepare community election and nominee notification mailings
  • Supply all required election documentations and forms
  • Process and expedite nominee documentation
  • Assist you with election ballots and Proxy receipts
  • Conduct "Delinquency" reviews for unpaid dues
  • Conduct on site meeting preparation with staff
  • Ballot counting and tabulation
  • Final mailings to the association of elected officials



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