Steve W., South St. Louis County

What I like about our Community Manager is that she is very responsive, always helpful, kind, gracious and intelligent. I really don’t think we could ask for anything else. I am very appreciative of her hard work and support.

Will C., South St. Louis County

I like the Community Manager’s frequent site visits and feedback to ensure all our hard-working homeowners are satisfied in every way. Overall, I’ve found DNI Properties to be very engaged and informative.

Larry W., St. Charles

Our Community Manager is ‘always there’ to handle our issues. There are times that absolutely no one wants to deal with ever-present problems, but she takes care of them. I know it’s her job, but it never seems to be a chore. This is very much what an association wants from there management company.

Jack G., Mehlville

I like the fact that our Community Manager is always available to help us with the myriad of problems that come up with the management of this community. She is our sounding board and we all work well together to accomplish our mission. I especially like the fact that she is not tied to an 8-hour day if we are having a problem and I have sometimes had to call her after 5PM and on weekends. She is always pleasant to work with and offers us practical and common-sense ideas and alternatives.

Peter H., Fenton

The Community Manager assigned to our association is very prompt with responses, follow-up to the Board’s questions and helps us solve the problems we face in an accurate manner. I like that DNI has solutions for every problem we have faced so far.