Mike G., St. Charles

I like that our Community Manager is professional and has invested himself above and beyond the job description. His communication is excellent and his follow through is exceptional.

Frank M., Lake St. Louis

Our Community Manager is always on top of the issues we encounter, providing good direction, and quick resolution.

Sheri T., Lake St. Louis

I like that our Community Manager always makes herself available when needed. She’s prompt with any/all requests. She makes well-thought out recommendations and takes on the difficult homeowners when needed.

Jim B., Lake St. Louis

Our Community Manager is a pleasure to work with. She continues to demonstrate her ability to look forward to areas that may need attention as well as addressing the emergent/immediate needs of our community. When she tells you she will take care of something, she gets right to it.

Donna M., St. Charles

I like that DNI emails monthly financials to me. I like knowing that the legal team watches over all our dealings. I am happy with the people that have been recommended as workers in our community. I love that we don’t have to do all the financial and research work ourselves. Our Community Manager is always attentive to our needs. She replies to emails and phone calls in a timely and professional manner. She researches the best options to serve our needs and presents her findings for our decisions. On top of all that, she is an extremely nice person who is great to work with.”