We’re accountable.

DNI’s accounting department provides clear and concise reporting to our clients through detailed monthly financials that clearly track all activity.  Association funds are held in an FDIC-insured bank account that is in the name of the client (absolutely no comingling of funds).  Individual accounting specialists are assigned to each community which allows homeowners to communicate with the same representative who is familiar with their association.  While some competitors have been acquired by large national companies with out-of-state accounting departments, DNI remains committed to its independent ownership and 100% St. Louis-based operations.

DNI accounting services include:

  • Process Billing – coupon books for monthly payers or invoices for annual payers.
  • Post Payments – maintain homeowner account ledgers and update owner information.
  • Administer Delinquencies – apply late fees and generate late notices/collection letters for past due accounts per the community’s delinquency policy.
  • Pay Community Bills – checks are generated and mailed three times per month.  For Accounting Only service, the Client approves and codes the bills, and DNI’s accounting department generates the checks, which are then mailed for signature by the Board’s representative or by an authorized DNI representative (only if the Client provides prior authorization).
  • Bank Account – funds are deposited in the name of the Community in an FDIC-insured account (NO co-mingling of funds with DNI or other Clients).
  • Homeowner Payments – DNI utilizes a lockbox system for receiving homeowner payments by mail.  Additionally, online payments are accepted, including by e-check or credit card through Union Bank, and ACH service is offered for monthly payers.
  • Monthly Financial Statements – DNI prepares and distributes to the board members a full set of financials each month, including:
    Balance Sheet
    □ Budget Comparison (Income Statement)
    □ General Ledger
    □ Homeowner Activity Report
    □ Delinquency
    □ Check Register
    □ Copies of all Checks and Invoices paid during the month
  • Audits – Assist with worker’s compensation audits (as necessary).
  • Year-End Accounting – Prepare 1099’s (as necessary).
  • Tax Returns – Assist the community’s CPA for year-end tax preparation.
  • Property Transfer Services – Prepare trustee letters, resale certificates, and questionnaires.  Handling all closing document requests from title companies, real estate agents, and home buyers/sellers.
  • Correspondence – Preparation and mailing of late notices, collection letters and
    annual billing statements (invoices or coupon books).
  • Record retention – Maintain all association financial documents and records.

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