Continuing Education

Continuing Education – Employees & Board Members

There is always more to learn and that is why we are committed to continuing education programs for both our staff and our board members.

DNI Properties places an emphasis on continuing education for our community management staff. This commitment is reflected through our company’s financial
support and participation requirements in industry seminars and events. DNI also
financially supports individual staff members who wish to advance their careers through industry classes and advancement certifications.

DNI Properties is an active member of the local chapter of the Community Associations
Institute (CAI), the non-profit organization that is dedicated to building better communities by providing education and resources to associations and industry

DNI Properties also boasts a robust in-house education program schedule. These small
group sessions lead by invited industry experts expose our staff to detailed discussions on important topics that affect our clients.

Finally, DNI Properties is also dedicated to educating our clients through Board training. These no-cost training classes educate new and existing board members on their
respective duties and fiduciary responsibilities.

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