Construction Services

DNI Properties Construction Services

Through our decades of experience in association management, we realized that not
only are we getting older, but the communities we manage are as well. And with that
age, we’ve seen the construction needs of our clients change to and we’ve stepped
forward with new tools and resources to protect best interests of our associations. DNI is leading the industry in the development and implementation of our Construction
Services program. Through this optional service, our clients receive start to finish
service to ensure your project’s success.

DNI’s experienced staff handles writing the scope of work, the bidding process and
when the Board selects a contractor – DNI’s exclusive vendor contract replaces the
contractor’s agreement so that your association is protected from all aspects including
liability and so that there is recourse on contractor defaults. And the service doesn’t stop there, DNI verifies proper insurance and handles potential change orders, partial lien waivers, material lien waivers (as needed), final lien waivers, collection of warranties and assembly of a document file on project completion. All-in-all our clients receive a list of 33 project deliverables.

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