Community Planning Services

Board members need a plan to effectively lead their communities. Planning builds consensus among Board members and provides focus on community improvements and funding resources. Does your community have a plan, a road-map to follow for the next 3 to 5 years?  Do you have financial reserves planned and forecasted to replace the community pool house of 25 years weathering in snow and ice? Chances are, the answer is no.

At DNI, we understand and can help you advance your community business that can make a difference. DNI’s community management consulting services are designed to help you prepare and deliver a professionally prepared community plan. A comprehensive community plan that includes:

      •   Complete Property Analysis
      •   Forecasted Community Improvements
      •   Reserve Study
      •   Complete Financial Analysis
      •   Property Protection and Risk Management Review

We’ve developed a community planning process designed specifically for association communities.  With your community goal in mind, we’ll take you through the planning process that will result in a 3-5 year long range plan for your community.

As a Board, you want and need to know that the goals for the community can be achieved. Let DNI help you develop a clear direction for your community.

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