Comprehensive Management Solutions

Association Expertise: DNI Properties has 28 years experience managing one of the largest association asset portfolios in our market. Our financial portfolio spans more than 140 properties, processing over 100,000 accounting transactions per month, earning your trust every day. Whether you’re professionally managed or self managed, DNI offers a comprehensive suite of community management solutions.

Community Planning Services: Understanding the needs of your community requires time and attention to detail.  As part of our consulting services offering, we will take you through a process and help you deliver a 3 to 5 year long range plan. DNI will conduct a study of your improvement needs, financial reserves, and community goals. We will assist you deliver with a plan your community needs to fulfill its short and long term goals.

Meeting and Election Services: Does your community face the never ending challenge of running the perfect annual meeting or election? By all accounts, Board’s need help organizing and preparing an agenda that addresses the community issues, key topics, and plans; one that delivers a successful outcome. Your DNI community manager will meet with you to plan the desired meeting or election objectives, organize the agenda, advice on key issues, and attend your meeting.

Community Protection: As a Board member you know that protecting your community is a required fiduciary duty.  DNI works closely with you to ensure that your insurance is renewed annually and that you have adequate levels of insurance for your community. DNI will work with you and your insurance provider annually upon request, to assess immediate and long term insurance coverage. Do you have adequate levels of insurance protection?

Reserve Studies: The objective of a Reserve Study is to assess the current condition of your association’s common elements and to then establish and forecast the short and long term funding requirements for your community. This generally insures that adequate funds exist for the replacement or major repair of any component of the property as it becomes necessary and prevents the need for case by case special assessments. Our Reserve Study Program is just one more reason to choose DNI as your management company of choice.

Construction Management Services: Capital improvements for any community require adequate planning, funding, sound vendor choices, and successful execution. Our DNI community management team assigned to your community will assist you with your needs for Reserve planning, financial planning, vendor selection and overall execution of project delivery.  Association communities or home owner property improvements; let DNI deliver a plan suited to your project needs.

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Comprehensive Community Management Solutions