At DNI Properties, we offer comprehensive community management services – giving you the benefit of our 35+ years of experience.

We strive to make the difference for all communities by offering both Full-Service
Management and Accounting Advantage service options to fit your community’s needs.

Community Management

It begins with our commitment.

DNI’s commitment to our clients is built on a solid foundation of trust and integrity,
providing specialized management services and added value offerings designed to fit
each community’s unique needs. Our company-wide goal is to deliver exceptional
customer service, industry expertise, precise financial accounting and sound advice to
assist our board members. Additionally, our 24-hour emergency service line provides a
means of insuring your community’s vital systems remain uninterrupted.

Think of DNI as your trusted fact finder, advisor and partner, helping you make informed decisions for your community.

Like any good partnership, your relationship with your Community Manager should be
built on trust, communication and a mutual understanding of your goals. After all, you
entrust them with one of your most valuable assets: your home. At DNI, we take this
responsibility very seriously, assigning each client a team of representatives dedicated
to serving the board members and their homeowners.

We take in our work and pay attention to details.

Our management teams handle the day-to-day business operations, keep the Board
informed and provide answers to questions and solutions to problems. From gathering
vendor bids and negotiating contracts to analyzing the legal implications of homeowner actions and Board decisions – DNI is there for you. No detail is too small for us.

Partner with an experienced professional, with more than three
decades of experience, DNI Properties understands the value of strong client relationships.

As the first company to specialize in community management in the St. Louis area, we
take pride in building long-term relationships with our clients. Unlike many other
companies, DNI is 100% locally operated and doe not manage apartments or lease
commercial space – we focus on associations only and guiding our clients through the
community management process. Our Community Managers are experienced, reliable
and detail-oriented.

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