Insurance Program

DNI Properties Insurance Program

Insurance is critically important for your community, but do you know if your association
is properly insured and includes all property and ancillary coverages that you need? Don’t wait until you need to use your insurance to find out if you have the right coverage.

At DNI, we’ve developed our own industry leading insurance program to ensure our
clients’ policies meet the requirements in their governing documents, for the state of
Missouri and that protect you as a volunteer board member. DNI starts by vetting the
brokers and agents that provide bids to your association and then requires the ones that we approve to sign an agreement that they will abide by our conditions and provisions in their practices and presentation of data. DNI’s approved insurance vendors must submit their bids using our Insurance Bid Summary form which allows our board members to easily review competing bids and gives them the peace of mind that their community is properly insured and protected.

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