Maintenance & DNI’s Approved Vendor List

DNI Properties Maintenance & Approved Vendor List

DNI wants to be your trusted partner in managing your community with your association’s best interests at the heart of all the actions we take on your behalf. And
that is why DNI does not provide an in-house maintenance division because we see
profiting off of your community’s repairs as a conflict of interest. We find this different
approach, a better approach for our clients.

DNI maintains a list of hundreds of qualified vendors that we have vetted and who have
signed DNI’s exclusive maintenance agreement. Our 4-page agreement addresses
quality, response time, personnel, licenses and permits, collateral damage, required
insurance and an established warranty on the standard and quality of the work
performed, and the materials used. This ensures that our clients receive the right
contractor for the right job at the right price and that the work is guaranteed. Sounds like the right choice to me.

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